Music = Language

Music = Language


This has been an amazing journey and to be involved and working multiple facets of the music industry, while still maintaining time for personal projects, I am truly thankful and grateful. It’s been a long time coming but trees take time to grow, and I couldn’t have done it without these beautiful people.

1. Alone - Originally written as a song for a Swedish film about a girl running away from home due to an alcoholic parent situation. Written and composed by Rhaelee Gronholz

Produced and Co- Produced - by Rhaelee Gronholz and Jose Rodriguez

2. Brilliant - Written as a positive affirmation song, what we listen to is important to how life plays out around us, same with who we surround ourselves with.

Written, Co-Written, Produced and Co-Produced - by Rhaelee Gronholz and Jose Rodriguez

3. In Threes - A song written about the uncanny category of threes that we humans seem to put things into. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. First, Second, Third. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Also included what it feels like when we’re put in that second or third place position.

Written by Rhaelee Gronholz
Produced by Walter Chancellor Jr., Co-Produced by Rhaelee Gronholz and Jose Rodriguez

Keys and Synth - Walter Chancellor Jr.

4. Stone Cold - Written in the dead of winter last year in my loves living room. It talks about how winter can feel so lonely even when people are in the room with us, but also admitting that we need connection especially through a brisk winter so we can all get through it together.

Written by Rhaelee Gronholz
Produced and Co-Produced by Rhaelee Gronholz and Jose Rodriquez

5. Thoughts - This song was written while thinking deeply about people who talk the talk but don’t put actions behind their words. We live in a world where if we want to see change happen, we have to start with ourselves first.

Written and Co-Written by Rhaelee Gronholz and Jose Rodriguez

Produced by - Jose Rodriguez

Upright Bass - Chris Anderson

Drums - George Marich

Saxophone - Walter Chancellor Jr.

Lastly, I have to give a huge shoutout to Jose for being such a great driving force in all of this. He’s been on my team, ride or die for this music ever since we started in the industry together. I’m thankful and grateful to have such a great light in my life to show love and support the way he has!

Thanks again to everyone involved, and so much love to you

Rhae 🖤 
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